Sunny Summer Vacation

Summer Scenery From FinlandI’ve been on summer vacation for three weeks now and I still have one more week to go. It has been quite an excellent weather on a Finnish scale as the sun has been shining the whole time (okay maybe there were a few rainy days, but still…). My son has taken care that all the job related matters have been erased from my mind.

I still got some occasions to sit down by the computer to write this entry along with a new applet that is showing the sunny lake scenery from Finland. I created an effect renderer for this applet so that I am able to develope different effects easily. Effect pipeline allows me connect effects to each other so that effect can utilize the previous effect’s output. For example the new applet is using the WaveEffect to produce the wave and AlphaEffect to blend an image over the wave effect’s output. The source code have been released under the LGPL license along with the project files for NetBeans IDE (v5.5).

You can see the applet in action here. You can also download the source code for the applet from the same page.