How to fix Nokia 770’s 3.5mm audio jack?

I have used my Nokia 770 as a portable media player since the Canola player was released. The Canola player was also the reason I was forced to disassemble my device.

I’ve been using the player during the bus trips to work and even though the device is quite small it is quite large to fit in the pocket when head phones are plugged in. The audio plug must have twisted the audio port somehow as now I’ll have to bend the audio plug with my finger whenever I wish to listen to music with stereo sound.

So here is the picture of my 770’s audio port when I was able to disassemble the device but as you can see there isn’t much that can be done without changing the whole part. Maybe I just should send the device to repair. Would you have any advices?

  • Edgar


    I had the same problem. I made a little experimentation with disassembled device, and notices the problem. One pin (the furthest from the edge of board), was disconnecting at place of soldering. So I just need to resolder it. It is the most likely reason for your case too (that pin is most sensitive to jack movements).

    P.S. Don’t know if this helps you because so much time have passed.

  • Mark


    I have the same problem, too. It’s nice to see, that the audio jack isn’t broken itself. I’m planning to disassemble my 770 and fix it.

  • Dominik

    really good manual, i fixed audio jack like you said