Test driving NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta

I’ve been using NetBeans IDE for quite a few years now. It has improved very nicely over the years and it have became a top player in the IDE field. If you are a Eclipse or IDEA developer I’d suggest you to at least try it out as it is not the same as it was year before.

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Splash Screen

I’m eagerly waiting for the actual release as it is packed with useful features that will truly improve the development flow. Here are some of the features what I’m waiting for the most:

  • JavaScript support with semantic highlighting, code completion, type analysis, quick fixes, semantic checks and refactoring
  • Spring framework support with features such as configuration file support, code completion and hyperlinks to speed navigation
  • New MySQL support in the Database Explorer to make it easier to create, launch and view MySQL databases
  • +lots of other features

See some of the highlights in action after the jump.

JavaScript Support

I’ve been doing lots of web development lately so the JavaScript support is definitely coming handy. I especially like the code completion that feels to work very well. I listened Java Posse podcast few days ago and there Tor Norbye explained that the editor is indeed using semantic code completion so it will do a better job then most of the other JavaScript editors that only rely on the external index files in code completion.

Code completion also displays method documentation if available as seen here:

JavaScript support in NetBeans IDE

MySQL support

It was clear that NetBeans would have a better MySQL support since the Sun Microsystems bought MySQL. It is now nicely integrated into the database management section in Services view:

MySQL support in NetBeans IDE

Plus there are probably hundreds of minor tweaks and fixes that will make the IDE even better. You can read the full beta information page to get full details. So to borrow some words from the movie Full Metal Jacket:

This is my IDE, there are many like it, but this one is mine! :)