Track Where Your Money Flows – MoneyFlow for Nokia N900

I haven’t used cash that much for years. That makes it a bit more difficult to keep track of my expenses and current balance. This is why I created this small app to my Nokia N900, MoneyFlow. With this app user can add new expenses on the go easily and adjust the current balance when needed. As a small bonus you can also check from pie chart where your money is flowing based on your entries.


App is a W3C Widget which requires a Qt Web Runtime (QRT) on Nokia N900. Hopefully that is shipped with MeeGo devices so you wouldn’t need to worry about that in the future.

MoneyFlow Pie Chart

Some credit goes to 3rd parties: I used JSChart for creating that nice pie chart. Nice looking icons are mostly from WeFunction icon collection.

And what’s best is that the app is free and you can already download it from here: MoneyFlow.wgt

Let me know if you like the app! :)

  • anonymous

    installation fails….
    i have installed the qt web runtime from one of the repos
    but then your widget fails to install from browser and also fails to install from the file manager, where i can normally install deb files from (no need to go to terminal).

    summary tab> status not installable / 0kb
    problems tab> unable to install ‘xxxxxxxxx-wrt-widget.deb’/installation file corrupted.

    file size :
    browser report 214kb
    but file manager reports 213kb

  • Flavio

    It seems to be very nice app. Could you, please, list a “step by step” How to install MoneyFlow (and the dependency) on our N900? I downloaded the MoneyFlow.wgt but nothing happened.

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  • Tommi Laukkanen

    1. Install Qt Web Runtime from maemo-devel repository
    2. Open MoneyFlow.wgt link with your browser
    3. Browser should popup an option to open link with Widget Installer
    4. Install Widget and app icon is found from the application grid as a normal app

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  • Stepan

    This is nice application.
    It could be good to have more accounts and categories of expense Thanks Stepan.

  • gavin de vine

    Hi really like this simple finance app. Its nice and easy to use and does almost all of what I want. What I’d like in addition is a method of inputing a deposit to the account rather than having to check the balance and manually adding it.

  • TiagoTiago

    The title/status bar is messed up on mine, there isn’t one except for a closing bjutton that partially covers the description textbox :(

    Btw, is there no way to add income, but only spendings?

    • TiagoTiago

      Income is workingnow, so nvm about that; but there is a serious issue, the data goes away when i close it (or when i open it next time)

      ps: the close button gets out of the way after autorotation

      • Anonymous

        The persistance bug is caused by Qt Web Runtime version. The QtWRT 1.1 tp3 seems to work well.

  • gwen

    thanks for this app.. been looking for this.. glad to have found this website..