TwimGo 2.0 Alpha Preview for Nokia N900

Here is a first downloadable alpha release of TwimGo 2.0 for Nokia N900. There were rather positive feedback for the teaser shots so I thought that it’d be best to release this as early as possible to get more feedback for the next releases.

Landscape grid view of tweets in TwimGo 2.0 running on Nokia ... on Twitpic

Few words about the release:

  • Requires Qt Web Runtime (from Maemo extras-devel repository)
  • Hardware keys don’t work so well in the Qt WRT apps so I recommend the use of virtual keyboard. This problem might occur only on my device.

Download app from here: TwimGo.wgt

See it in action here:

  • Ivo

    After I got it to work, usual QT WebRuntime problems :-(, I found out it’s a great app.

    Perhaps some ideas for a future, I hope next, release:
    – like in “Khweeteur” it would be great that a posted link automaticly is converted to a shortlink using or some other service;
    – about the same as above for pictures. By uploading/adding a picture to a tweet provide a direct upload to Twitpic (or other) and tweet the shortlink to it.

  • TreophilTREOPHIL

    I know my username and password are right but it says my login attempt has failed! No chance….

  • Lee

    when I tried it, the capitalized typing only happens if I use the virtual keyboard. Since I prefer the hardware one, I’m practically fine with it. Yet, please tell me, I *can* delete my tweet with TwimGo, can’t I?

    • Anonymous

      Not yet. Planning on adding the delete feature to upcoming releases. You can also try out the latest Qt based 2.6 version that I released a few minutes ago:

  • Zay 2135

    i have encountered a problem it wont let me login, everytime i try it says unauthorizer 401 server not found, can any one help me set up this account i just recently purchased this nokia n900