Kasvopus, Facebook App for the rest of us

Ever since I started using my Nokia N900 I missed a good Facebook app as the Facebook’s mobile or touch sites didn’t have the same experience that I was having with official Facebook app on my iPod Touch. Now that I also use N8 I’m still missing the same app for the Symbian even the Ovi by Nokia app is quite good on that.

Now that I was able to develop apps quickly with Qt Quick, QML and JavaScript, I tested how easy it could be to create a simple iPod/Phone/Android style Facebook app. I was mostly concerned how the OAuth implementation could be done but it turned out to be really easy with QML’s WebView component and plain JavaScript functionality.

So this is what it turned out to be. Please note that this is really early stage of the app and only has limited set of features:

  • Browse your recent news feed
  • Share status
  • Like or comment users statuses
  • Open shared links in phone browser

Application works on Nokia N900 and N8, E7 etc. but it does require Qt 4.7.2 though. Download app from the application page that I created today: kasvopus.com

Here is a small demo of the application running on the Nokia N900:

  • Stonik

    Looks promising, nice work! Kiitos!

  • Wa2el_sami

    I must say this is First Class!!!

    my favourite instantly!!

  • Couldvbb

    very good
    can you be to create a plurk app for n900

  • http://twitter.com/infinitekh 전마머꼬

    나도 심비안3폰이나 n900이 갑자기 가지고 싶어진다 …

  • http://www.facebook.com/igorlt Igor Leandro

    Where can I get QT 4.7.2 for Maemo?

  • http://www.facebook.com/igorlt Igor Leandro

    Where can I get QT 4.7.2 for Maemo?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChenHi Chen Hi

    nice app…..hopefully the next version will include notifications ^^

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