Google Reader client NewsFlow v1.4 for Symbian and Maemo

Good way to start Easter holidays is to write few lines of Qt/QML/JavaScript. Now I spent some time with the NewsFlow app, which is a Google Reader client for Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo devices.

I was now able to add theme support to app by using single Theme QML object and chaning the properties dynamically in JavaScript. All UI components would then use the theme object’s properties for colors.

NewsFlow now supports light and dark themes

Other features in the release:

  • Show read items in list in lighter color
  • Share to Facebook/Twitter
  • Mark as unread is now working
  • Minimize on N900 by tapping top left corner

Download the latest binaries from Nokia Forum Project page, here.Картиниикони

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see Facebook and Twitter share – GRACIAS AMIGO :)

  • Rain

    I’ve just downloaded it (Maemo) and I think it’s the first reader that convinces me to actually use it! The dark theme is awesome and it makes reading easier. I haven’t tried the sharing though, but it looks like a great novelty. Thanks!

  • Arthur

    Beste mensen, kan er iemand mij helpen, mij lukt het niet te installeren.

  • Arthur

    Dear all, can anyone help me it will not install.

    • Anonymous

      What device are you using?

  • Wout Martens

    nice app and works well! black theme is sweet.
    only issues are latest feeds are not fetched, always a delay of a couple of hours… even when pressing refresh button.
    feeds with large posts (images) need to be loaded first before scrolling through them otherwise scrolling will not work, try to subscribe to visboo.
    But still one of the best google reader apps _0_

  • My Nokia N900

    Happy Easter Tommi. This is a great update. Thank you. One question – Will you be allowing URL links to be tapped/clicked on? It seems a waste to see a link in a post and not being able to tap on it!

    • Anonymous

      Good point. In the next version I’m stripping out the blue links so the text is more pleasant to read.

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  • Foba

    Mark All As Read would be appreciated, also some visual notify when you cicle through oldest feeds back to newest. Also why the green line/bar? Overall great app, I´m using it daily and am pretty happy with it. Top notch!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Green line is there by “design” :) I’ll add the “Mark all as read” feature to future versions. Good idea also for the loop back notification.

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  • Wout Martens

    I cant share on FB / Twitter… the browser opens but that’s it… nothing redirected to any url.
    Also can you make the links working? And perhaps add the ability to post directly to instapaper? It has become my number1 app on my phone <3

  • Anonymous

    can i view images in posts? i am subscribed to several comics feeds and lolcats.

  • jeffrey

    @tlaukkanen:disqus very nice app, good work! When I use the mobile version of Google reader ( on my N900 it rebuilds the links to the original article so they are viewable on a mobile phone. This is a nice feature of the mobile version. Maybe you can also use this feature in NewsFlow.

  • Pcp

    does this app work on symbian 1?

  • Gailankkgsss

     nice app, but one thing is missed, unread counts for tags.

  • Rahul

    Your app got me to finally start using google reader. Brilliant work!

  • Rahul

    Your app got me to finally start using google reader. Brilliant work!

  • Andreas Theodosiou

    Great app. May I suggest adding a buttton for increasing font size?
    Also it would be nice to be able to scroll horizontally in order to view comics.

  • richmond

    ask ko lang poh…may nkakaalam poh ba ng code ng Qtiny twitter..

  • Petri71

    Great app, but I can’t access any content using 3G, it only works when I am connected on a wifi network. Using a nokia N8…

  • Oscar

    Perfect application! Nice sleek design and ease of use. For future releases, I would just suggest adding a button to  “share” (on google reader) or maybe merge this option in the “favorite” button. So you can easily keep your google reader shared news  updated.

  • Guest

    Great app, but maybe greater if added with offline mode, cuz i can’t see my feed without any internet connection. Hope to see more coming from you.

  • Marcus Christopher McFann

    Could you add general OMPL/RSS feed handling? I hate Google, Google Reader, and online RSS readers, but your app is elegant in UI. Make a way to share each article via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and MySpace, and its perfect.

  • Matthew Price

    Great app, really like the clean, quick and smooth UI.

    Couple of issues for me (on N8):
    – when out of reach of my wifi connection, the app just hangs on a white screen and I have to kill through task manager
    – Often the buttons that can be shown on the bottom of a post (web, facebook, twitter etc…) don’t function, I’ll click one of them and nothing happens…

    Also, would like to see:
    – Mark all as read
    – An option to only show unread posts
    – When going into subscriptions, the unread post count
    An offline mode would be sweet too but I can see that would be an extremely nice to have.

    And apart from that, it’s pretty much perfect. 


  • Timo Suominen

    Hi Tommi, any progress with NewsFlow and planned new features…?

  • Eliza

    Previously, I have only read about NewsFlow v1.4, never got the chance to try it myself. Ok, now after reading the thread gonna change my mind and give a try. Thanks for the write up.