TwimGo 3.2 Released

Main view with list of tweets.

It has been several months since the previous TwimGo update. Now as I was having a summer vacation I had more spare time on my hands to work on this update. Latest news about Jolla also might have increased the motivation for Qt development as we may see next chapter in MeeGo book after all :)

With this TwimGo upate I streamlined the UI so that toolbar now stays in the bottom of the screen also in tweet details and profile views. Toolbar contains the common actions that was previously available as separate buttons.

I got frustrated with the previous Read It Later support because it displayed the web page that wasn’t really required step. Now I switched to use official Pocket (old Read It Later) REST API so that it adds the link to your account instantly. Pocket credentials can be entered in Settings screen.

Tweet details view showing preview image for Instagram photos. Also showing new toolbar with common actions.

Some of people that I follow tend to post photos from Instagram and I got tired of jumping to Instagram page to see the photo so I added a preview functionality also for Instagram photos in addition to existing TwitPic and yFrog links.

Full release notes for v3.2 listed here:

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added proper Pocket (Read It Later) support which adds link to your Pocket reading list instantly without clunky web page phase
  • NEW: You can save your search
  • NEW: Remove existing saved searches
  • NEW: Show preview of Instagram photos
  • NEW: Translate tweet to english – Yes, it always generates quite funny translations since people don’t tend to use good grammar in 140 characters :)
    • FIX: No more 401 access denied errors (At least I haven’t had those in a week with this version :)
Profile view

You can download the release binaries (MeeGo, Nokia N9 and Maemo, Nokia N900) from Nokia Project page:

MeeGo: twimgo_3.2.0_armel.deb

Maemo: twimgo_3_2_0_armel.deb

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the Remote Compiler to work in Qt Creator so I haven’t yet been able to compile versions for Symbian. I’m not able to authenticate via Qt Creator so that Remote Compiler would get active. This might be because of the recent changes in Nokia Developer site switching to single Nokia account for all of their services (which is nice). Hopefully that is sorted soon so I can build Symbian Belle binaries.сондажи за водаsondajiсондажи

  • Elena Vladimirova

    Hi – cheers on the great app and appreciate the efforts! I have two questions though: 

    – how about attachments/image uploads – is this/ will it be available?

     – and instant retweets used to show up as old school retweets – is that still the case?

    Thanks :)

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  • Kent_autistic

    thanks for still supporting N900!

  • John R.

    thanks for v 3.2.0! i never noticed in maemo repo is old version! are new versions for maemo coming? i’d like to have again the option for the nice sound on new tweets! also a very small thing to fix: when tapping on retweet is written Reweet instantly instead of Retweet. thanks

  • Jan

    Will this be avaiable in ovi store?

  • Ramez Sayed

    any chance for S60V5 version please..