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Improved TwimGo – Alpha 3

Time flies. It’s already a week from last alpha 2 release of TwimGo. During the last week I’ve been crafting few improvements to my Qt Web Runtime based Twitter client.


This version includes few of the most requested features:

  • Auto-refresh
  • Search
  • Lists
  • TwitPic and yFrog thumbnail preview

I could easily notice the advantages of the Qt WRT platform as new features were really easy to implement in plain HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Talking about the JavaScript I spotted this Tweet from my timeline which is so true:

learning Javascript used to mean you weren’t a “serious software developer”. today, not learning Javascript means the same thing. – @monkchips

I also recorded a small video of the current features in TwimGo:

You can download the app from the new app site that I just created :)

Again, remember that current Qt WRT can’t update existing installation so uninstall the previous version of TwimGo first.

I hope you like it! Leave feature ideas, bug reports etc. on the comments or on the page.

TwimGo for N900 Alpha Preview Rev 2

When I released the first alpha version of TwimGo one week ago for Nokia N900 I didn’t expect to receive that much (positive) feedback. There clearly is a need for one more Twitter client :)

During the week I received good ideas on GetSatisfaction page so that I could take TwimGo even further and now that I have crafted some more code in the last few nights I present to you: TwimGo Alpha rev 2

New features include:

  • Auto-login
  • Old skool retweets (with commenting)
  • New timeline menu
  • Profile view
  • Tweaked UI
  • “More” button, sorry no auto-loading yet…
  • etc.

You should uninstall the app from your N900 before installing new version. At least on my device the Qt Web Runtime didn’t update the app correctly unless I uninstalled it before reinstalling the new version.

Download new version from here.

TwimGo 2.0 Alpha Preview for Nokia N900

Here is a first downloadable alpha release of TwimGo 2.0 for Nokia N900. There were rather positive feedback for the teaser shots so I thought that it’d be best to release this as early as possible to get more feedback for the next releases.

Landscape grid view of tweets in TwimGo 2.0 running on Nokia ... on Twitpic

Few words about the release:

  • Requires Qt Web Runtime (from Maemo extras-devel repository)
  • Hardware keys don’t work so well in the Qt WRT apps so I recommend the use of virtual keyboard. This problem might occur only on my device.

Download app from here: TwimGo.wgt

See it in action here:

Track Where Your Money Flows – MoneyFlow for Nokia N900

I haven’t used cash that much for years. That makes it a bit more difficult to keep track of my expenses and current balance. This is why I created this small app to my Nokia N900, MoneyFlow. With this app user can add new expenses on the go easily and adjust the current balance when needed. As a small bonus you can also check from pie chart where your money is flowing based on your entries.


App is a W3C Widget which requires a Qt Web Runtime (QRT) on Nokia N900. Hopefully that is shipped with MeeGo devices so you wouldn’t need to worry about that in the future.

MoneyFlow Pie Chart

Some credit goes to 3rd parties: I used JSChart for creating that nice pie chart. Nice looking icons are mostly from WeFunction icon collection.

And what’s best is that the app is free and you can already download it from here: MoneyFlow.wgt

Let me know if you like the app! :)

TaskFlow – Simple GTD app for Nokia N900

Ever since I switched from Nokia E71 to Nokia N900 I started to miss my Mobile Task Manager app which was really handy Getting Things Done tool on the Java ME capable Symbian device.

Now that Qt people from Nokia released a preview of the Qt Web Runtime for N900 I was able to create a new simple task manager tool for my new phone in matter of hours. I like both KISS princible and GTD organizational method so I made the app as simple as possible: There are only four “folders” for tasks – Next, Someday, Archive and Shop. I tend to store my active tasks on the Next folder. Tasks that doesn’t have high priority go into Someday folder. Old tasks or tasks that are low priority go into Archive. Just because I used the Mobile Task Manager as a shopping list too I made a separate folder for listing the groceries.

TaskFlow - Simple GTD app for Nokia N900

On the technical side I was now able to use HTML5 client-side storage to persist the tasks. I wrote another blog post on that subject just to show how easy it is.

UI was easy to do and now I also took advantage of both portrait and landscape view modes. In landscape mode the toolbar is on the right side of the screen so that there are as much vertical space as possible for the tasks and in the portrait mode the toolbar is in the bottom so it is pretty easy to use with one hand for example when collecting items from shopping list.

You can download the widget here: TaskFlow.wgt