Mobidentica is a mobile client for based micro bloggin services like is a microblogging service like Twitter, where users can post short (max 140 character) status updates. Mobidentica is written in Java, so it can be run on phones that support J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0.

With current version you can update your status and browse your replies, public timeline etc.

You can’t login with OpenID account so you’ll have to use your plain username and password.


Mobidentica running on Nokia E71:

IMG_4897 IMG_4899

Screenshots from emulator:


Download these files to your mobile phone. Usually it is enough to download the JAR file.

Source code is also available under the Apache License 2.0

Version History

v1.2 – May 31st, 2009

  • Improved line wrapping
  • Activate the menu additionally with star or pound keys (should now work also on Blackberry)
  • Fixed status date handling

v1.1 – March 20th, 2009

  • Support for all based services
  • Configurable service URL

v1.0 – March 14th, 2009

  • First release
  • Following views
    • Archive
    • Replies
    • Recent
    • Friends
    • Public Timeline
    • Direct Notices
  • Open post in phone browser
  • Open link in post in phone browser
  • etc.
  • Tommi Laukkanen

    @Federico: You can’t usually modify Midlet configurations by hand. Best way is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

  • Frederico

    Hi Tommi,

    It’s a great software. Thank you for release it under a free licence. :-) I would like to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese. Do you have any interest on it?

    If so, please contact me.

    Best regards,


  • ron1n

    great tool … Whenever i find sometime i will try to make this touch friendly… Great job so far :)

  • furicle

    This is nifty – I can get it to run on my K1m Motorola phone at least somewhat – but my password has a [ in it, and I can’t type that using the app. I’d prefer not changing that password if I could. Am I missing something? I don’t see the extra data entry methods (T9, Symbols etc) that are available in the “native” applications to the phone.

  • Kiwi

    Nice app, thank you!
    I have a little problem though on my Nokia 6630: It doesn’t save the credentials.
    I check the box, but when I restart the application it asks me again.

  • ron1n

    Hi, again Tommi… I’m experiencing some problems connecting to the app via GPRS in the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music (Running S60 V5 OS) with a Wifi access point everything is great, but with WAP or GPRS the app takes a long time to start, and when it does nothing happends (with the TimeLine, Archive, etc.)

    There is some special configuration step I’m currently missing?

    Please dent me or email me if you need more detailed information about this “bug”, or if there’s anything I can do to help out this great app…

    Regards from Venezuela…

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  • Shani Hadiyanto

    Hello, I’m using mobidentica v1.2.
    I checked the save credentials setting.
    But, now I can’t access the login screen anymore.
    Is there anyway I can do to change the login settings beside reinstalling the app?
    Thank you very much

  • norhafiz

    Hi Tommi,
    It work like a charms from my mobile.

    Thank you

  • Marcus Asshauer


    are there any plans to bring new features to mobidentica like photo services?
    Is it possible to bring the buttons at the bottom of the interface to the right side if the display is rotated? That would help a lot. I use it on my nokia E75 and it works well.

  • Kartik Mistry

    Awesome! Thanks for your work!!

  • magjogui

    Thanks, iam testing on my nokia E63, congratulations its a nice software, iam interested in translate the software to spanish,Do you have any interest on it?

  • Durand

    Works like a charm on a SE C905. Thanks!

  • Patrik

    Thanks a lot for the app! It runs nicely on my Samsung i8910. Although the lower half of the screen is filled with the emulator of the control buttons… Any chance of porting it for touchscreen phones, where it would use the whole screen for its own display? Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to do this myself…

  • Rykel

    Hi, Does any of you here happen to know how I can sign OUT of the application on Nokia E63? I signed in, and chose “Save Credentials” but I had the wrong password and now the app keeps signing into a blank page, with no option to sign out and change username/password.

    Please help? Thank you so much.

  • Cedesguin

    Seems that mobidentica is no longer compliant with statusnet server(s) after recent crash & recovery :-(