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Nokia E71 and new Twitter client

I finally upgraded my phone from N80 to E71. The new Nokia E71 is a really nice. Even the Symbian S60 feels much better now that the phone has enough memory to run it. Operating system still has not changed that much compared to my first smart phone, Nokia 7650 which I had in 2002. This phone is still the best one I have ever had. Even Joel Spolsky is using it.

Twim on Nokia E71
Twitter Client Twim running on Nokia E71

The new phone got me inspired to improve my Twitter client, Twim. I fixed a few bugs like showing the replies feed. I also added a new feature for displaying public feed in own tab. You can download the JAR and JAD files from the Twim page or directly from these links:

Twim v1.2: Twim.jar and Twim.jad