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Happy Holidays! TwimGo 2.1 for N900 and soon N8

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Few weeks ago I received a brand new Nokia N8 from Nokia Nordic as an award as my first game, Blockers, reached 10k downloads in a week in Ovi Store.

Since I started using N8, I quickly converted my Twitter client, TwimGo, easily to Symbian WRT. I only had to package the application differently but I could use the same code without changes that I wrote for N900.

Just few days ago I released a new version 2.1 for the Nokia N900 which you can download from twimgo.com app site. Nokia N8 version should be available through Ovi Store within few weeks. It’s just waiting for Ovi Store QA check before it is published.

Here’s a small preview video of TwimGo running on Nokia N8:

TwimGo 2.0.15 Released

I’ve been learning the Qt Quick and QML stuff lately but I took a few minutes to improve the Qt Web Runtime based TwimGo, Twitter client for Nokia N900.

Following screenshot shows all new features in one view:

  • Old style retweet, which you can modify before tweeting with RT prefix
  • New style retweet, which instantly retweets the tweet
  • Show original tweet with “Original” button when viewing reply tweet details

TwimGo 2.0.15 Available

Download the latest version from TwimGo.com after uninstalling your current TwimGo version. Hope you enjoy!

TwimGo with Location Support

It’s already a week since last release of TwimGo. Last release included the clickable user tags and improved follow/unfollow functionality.

On last Tuesday I went to Tampere MeeGo Network MeetUp and I had an opportunity to talk to Qt Web Runtime developer, Xizhi Zhu. We talked briefly about the location support in current version of Qt WRT and a day later I had a good instructions on how to use the location API in my apps.

Here you can see how you can easily add your current location to your tweets in TwimGo:

1. Click the “Get your location” button in tweet dialog

2. Now your phone starts to pickup GPS signal

3. Once the GPS signal is good enough it’ll show your current coordinates. You can click the button again and it will update the coordinates. Sometimes the GPS signal gets accurate in a minute so you could refresh your location just before tweeting.

4. Twitter will show your location with nice little map beside your tweet.

This version also includes saved searches support and ability to search tweets near you. I have found really interesting tweets with this feature.

Download the latest release to your Nokia N900 from http://twimgo.com.

Games with Qt Web Runtime – BlockGo for Nokia N900

I tested how easy it is to create a simple puzzle game with HTML, JavaScript and CSS by creating a new version of my SubBrain game to my Nokia N900 by using Qt Web Runtime.

New games are crafted when wife and kids are sleeping. BlockGo for #Nokia #N900 #QtWebRuntime

The idea in the game is to remove all the blocks by clicking block areas of the same color. You’ll need to have at least two blocks of the same color side by side so that they get removed.

I created the SubBrain for my Nokia 7650 several years ago with Java ME. Java ME was a flexible and rapid platform at that time but now after writing the same functionality with plain JavaScript it makes me laugh how easy it is to craft this sort of games with WRT platforms nowadays. And even as Java was (or is?) “write once, run anywhere” platform it doesn’t come to close to WRT where  you can develop apps with your browser and text editor and run the same code on your phones.

I used some CSS animations on BlockGo which seem to look nice even on N900. When you select a blocks they fade away nicely. I used jQuery UI’s effect functionality:

$(".b0").effect("fade", {}, 300);

Where “fade” is the name of the effect and 300 is animation time in milliseconds. You can see the effect in action in this demo video:

You can download the game to your Nokia N900 from here. You’ll need to have Qt Web Runtime installed on the device.

TwimGo v2.0.10 Alpha Released

Yet another week have passed since last release of TwimGo so it is time to release new and fresh version of my mobile Twitter client for Nokia N900. This version has the following new features:

  • More secure – uses Twitter API over HTTPS
  • Simple desktop widget showing latest tweets
  • Clickable hashtags – Does a search when clicking hashtag

As usual, uninstall app before installing this new release. Download app from www.twimgo.com …and make sure you have Qt Web Runtime before downloading TwimGo.